Cork Cafe Set— Cork is highly durable, weather resistant, and a renewable resource. The seat and back are warm to the touch and comfortable. 


Logo Design, Branding, etc


Vaulted Table—Intimacy by using architecture at furniture scale.


Painting with Sound—Marbles covered in paint, 10,000watt subwoofer turned on it’s side, watercolor paper, and audio track of kids laughing.


Chandelier Shower Head— While relaxing in the tub you have a beautiful candle chandelier and a fully functional shower for day-to-day. 


Family Portrait— Me and my family by cubic volume


Sponge Chair— This is a concept model of compressed sponge, flat pack chair.


Giant Book —This is a concept for a giant book on a table with a integrated book stand. As you rotate the lever the pages of the book flip so it could be read.


Walking Story— Balancing font-size, readability distance, and walking pace. 


Sun Ruler— This device lets you find where the sun will be at any point during the year. This was designed to bring the the sun into the conversation early during the idea stage.


VR Research— I've brought in about 40 artists & designers exploring the the possibilities and pitfalls of VR. 


Smoking Cutlery—Smoke adds ambiance, smell, and flavor to the mean. Vanilla ice cream, salted caramel, and hickory smoke. 


Wine Cellar—A room designed enhance spending time together eating and enjoying wine. 


Outdoor Wedding Chapel


Tannan Whidden Winter is a Designer based in Providence, RI.


At first glance there is no lineal path to the designer I am today—this is a good thing. This diversity has allowed me to draw from one experience to build upon the next. Each has come with it’s own language and rituals, each of which I have learned and navigated successfully. I have found the common ground between event design and graphic design, and often apply what I have learned as a UX designer to making furniture. I love design, and I love designing for people.

Feel free to reach out tannanw2 at gmail