I've worked in many different aspects of design but find a common theme in making beautiful experiences for people.

I studied industrial and furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design, earned a certificate in business from Harvard Business School, and am LEED Certified from the Green Building Institute. 



Industrial Design

Sketching, Prototyping, Making


User Interface Design

Designing a way from A to B.

Virtual Reality

Researching and using virtual reality as part of the design process. 


Graphic / Visual Design

Visual design for software and websites, as well as brand develpoment. 

Material Research 

I love the way materials influence design. Through studio-research project I developed a new way to mold cork without any additional adhesives. Using the natural resins in the cork (suberin) I was able to bond and mold cork granules. 


Color Studies

Some color studies just for fun.




tannanw2 @ gmail.com