Works in progress 

The following represent ideas in the works in various different stages including failed works and things that maybe weren't such a good idea but made anyway as sometimes god ideas come from bad ideas.


sponge chair

This chair would be made of many layers of compressed cellulose that when wet would expand into full size. It could then dry out and become stiff, maybe stiff enough for sitting? This is exploring flat pack, biodegradability, the joy and instant gratification that would come from "making" the chair. I also think there is potential in this as a material and making an object would be interesting.  


Sun ruler

This object is to help people find where the sun will be throughout the year. This could be for architectural site planning, gardening, solar panel assessment, etc. Many CAD tools have integrated sun charts or rendering animations but I wanted a way to bring the sun into the conversation earlier during the sketching process. 

SunRuler 2016-06-26.png

Textile exploration

This was about exploring form and the loose interpretation of "textile". Using 3d printed parts, elastic, magnets, Rhino, and a lot of experimentation I explore creating volumes that self assembled. It can lay flat and will snap into a final form. 


Easy Chocolate Cake

Baking a cake a little bit easier. Preloaded ingredients, dump, mix, pour, bake.