Smoking cutlery

Eating is all about the experience. I wanted to explore influencing taste with other senses.


Single Bite

After some initial sketching I decided to pursue the idea of a single bite of dessert. 

The smoke adds a bit of pageantry, and theatre to the experience by bringing the atmosphere into the bite. 

The smoke also gives you a small taste and sense memory before you even pick up the spoon.

 Vanilla ice cream, caramel, hickory smoke.

Vanilla ice cream, caramel, hickory smoke.


Designed for a slip cast ceramic process with a white glazing. 

Taking inspiration from restaurants like Blue Hill farms, and Alleia in the images shown below, on how the way we plate food dramticlly impacts the way we 'taste' the food. I wanted to add to a chef's arsonal with this set of cutlery. 

Bluehill farms.jpg

Set of Smoking Cutlery

I designed a Spoon, Fork and Knife as a set centered around the idea of dessert bite.